Project Update

The Crusade Rocketry team are pleased to announce that we will be making another launch of the 1/9 scale replica of our Black Knight, aptly named BK25.1123, at the Midland Rocketry Club (MRC) Midland Sky Rocketry event (15-16th September).

Our plan is to launch the rocket in a similar vein to last November’s launch… on a cluster of 4 motors to again test the static stability of the rocket and build confidence that the configuration is correct for our full scale BK26 (~40ft). This time we will be using a combination of two red and two blue motors for an aesthetically pleasing effect and we will also be entering BK25.1123 into the event’s scale model competition.

All spectators are welcome at a cost of £1 per person (MRC event fee). We plan to launch on Saturday 15th after lunch (~13:00) but this will be dependent on a number of factors and so could be subject to change.

Event specific details and directions at:

We’d love to see you there!